Orphaned Kitten Program
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Orphaned Kitten Program

and check out the available kittens. OKP kittens are identified.
PAWS also offers kittens that were fostered with their mothers
and a wide variety of adult companion cats.

You can visit PAWS to see available kittens:
Mondays 5 - 7pm
Tuesday 11am - 2pm
Wednesday 5 - 7pm.

There may also be some kittens shown during open hours
on weekends:
Saturday 11am - 4pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm


The websites below may have some helpful information. OKP makes no guarantees about the usefulness of any information found online. Do a search for "orphaned kittens" to find
additional information.

 Newborn Care

 Rescue Guide

 Hand Raising Orphaned Kittens

 Raising Orphaned Kittens

 Hand Raising & Bottle Feeding






The Orphaned Kitten Program, located in State College, PA, accepts abandoned and orphaned unweaned infant kittens less than 4 weeks of age by referral from area vets and other rescues in Centre County ONLY. The program does not accept kittens that can eat from a dish or litters with mothers. Foster families bottle-feed, wean and socialize the kittens. When the kittens reach adoptable age, they are shown at Centre County PAWS. All kittens are up-to-date on vaccines and are spayed or neutered before going to forever homes.

If you are in the Centre County area and believe you have found a kitten that meets the above description, contact PAWS, Pets Come First, your veterinarian or the emergency clinic, CP VETS. They will contact us if your kittens appear to be age-appropriate for our program.

Orphaned Kitten Program
P.O. Box 183
Lemont, PA 16851

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